My Story

Looking at my past, I almost don’t recognize the person I used to be. 

I was that person screaming at the top of their lungs in traffic when someone cut me off; tension running through my whole body. I was the person getting worked up when someone did or said something that was against my point of view; the person who constantly judged everyone and everything, especially myself. I was out of touch with who I was and my purpose. I experienced debilitating panic attacks. I numbed most things out with alcohol and drugs. I had no idea of my direction, jumping from one hobby and distraction to another in search of something that might bring me sustained joy. I had no connection to my body, emotions, or spirit. 

I won't claim to have everything figured out, but I've come a long way and am a much different person than the one described above. Through a practice of breathing, yoga, and meditation, I've discovered a deeper awareness of my body, my personal energy, and the energies all around us. These connections have helped me re-connect with my direction and my purpose. 

My purpose is to connect with people. My purpose is to share, teach, and most importantly to listen. 

I want to connect with you. I want to share the things that have helped me to grow. I want to help you love yourself and others and even the difficult situations in life. I want to help you reconnect to yourself and heal. 

If you've been looking for something that feels like it is missing or struggling with the many things that can come up for us in the journey called life, I'd love to try to help. 

Get in touch with me here.