Four Things to Maintain Health and Happiness

I haven't been around much. I've been traveling, working, and honestly, in a funk. Sharing some honestly in that here as well as some insight I got from a conversation recently around "the four most important things to be healthy and happy" which I found fascinating. Curious what you think about these items and if you have a specific approach to one of them.

Also in getting out of my funk I'm stepping out and offering my first online group breathwork session. More info here if you'd like to join in next weekend! 

Finding Peace Amidst Violence and Injustice

I’d been asked to cover this topic in my survey from a few weeks ago. Fought a lot of resistance in even trying to cover this after what happened in Vegas this week. Asking the questions: Do you believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe? Where can you share more kindness? A few thoughts on what we can do to remember that underneath all this madness there is love and kindness. It can start with us.

Jim Carrey - I Need Color

I've learned a lot about Jim Carrey recently. He seems to have gone through a lot of transformation throughout his life. I won't go into it all here but I've seen this video going around the internet and when it surfaced in my feed I felt the need to share it. 

The first statement in the video is powerful and one with which I very much agree:

What you do in life chooses you. You can choose not to do it. You can choose to try to do something safer. Your vocation chooses you.

As we go through life and the transformation that happens around our experiences, it can be hard to listen to our bodies and our higher self when they give us sings about our calling. What is even harder and scarier than hearing those messages is when we start to follow them; it invites more fear and doubt.

I've been going through this a lot lately but I often find that when you push through the fear and the doubt, there is usually something amazing on the other side. 

A good practice, yet not an easy one, is to consistently try to ask where you might be playing it safe, where you are resisting, and where you might be able to listen to the signs and messages you are receiving. 

Cultivating Connection and Exchange with Nature

This weeks topic as chosen by you is "nature and our connection to the earth". Big thanks to everyone who took a moment to complete the survey!

I don't think it is took crazy to think that since we (humans, plants, animals, organisms) all come from and are connected to earth that we cannot receive messages and guidance in the signs we see from nature. When we do notice particular things, simple acknowledgement can go a long way in deepening our connection and seeing more signs. I discuss and pose the questions: What signs do you commonly see in nature, and in what ways could you form a stronger connection with the earth around you? 

Where Does Nature Begin and End? - Images of Saturn from the Cassini Probe

Something fascinating for your Friday. 

Image via New York Times

Image via New York Times

Perhaps you've seen recent news of a NASA probe tasked with investigating Saturn. It has been in the news because the mission has come to an end; a mission which concluded with the probe descending towards the surface of Saturn, burning up in the atmosphere. 

So much of this story completely blows my mind along with bringing up a question regarding what we know as nature. First some logistics to think about that are insane.

  • The probe was launched in 1997 and only just recently finished its' mission
  • Saturn is nearly a BILLION miles from earth
    • The fact that the probe can take and send pictures back to us from that far boggles my mind
  • The Cassini probe circled Venus twice, using the gravitational pull to build speed and slingshot towards Saturn
  • The planning of logistics and technology behind the planning of a mission this long and complex seem like something out of a fantasy. 
  • Saturn has a perpetual storm that takes the shape of a hexagon!

This video from NPR is a great overview of the whole mission with some amazing imagery. 

The New York Times also has a great article with some fantastic photographs.  

Looking over this video and the images, especially the image of the perpetual storm that takes the shape of a hexagon makes me ponder a question that has never come to mind previously:

Just where does "nature" begin and end? Is it only know of what we experience here on earth? Or does it extend out into the cosmos where we see solar flares and storms like this that take an actual shape?


I am always open to changes in thought, but things like the moon, solar flares, and the rotation of other planets do affect us, so at this point I do storms taking place on Saturn as "nature". In what way does this affect us a billion miles away? I'm not sure but I do believe in the possibility that this is all connected. I mean, a permanent hexagon storm? Wow, just wow. 

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You Can Choose My Next Discussion Topic!

I usually decide my video post topics around what I'm feeling and what is happening in my space. I love the commentary and discussion on my Facebook page and decided it would be fun to open let you decide what I talk about next. Please take a few seconds to choose from a list of previous topics or write in something you'd like to hear me discuss. Thanks so much and see you soon! 

10 Second Survey (Anonymous)

If You Could "Fix" One Part of Your Personality, What Would it Be?

As I've started to work with people and ask questions, I've begun to notice a trend. When I ask people what they would like to work on or where they might be struggling, I've been getting answers along the lines of "I'd like to fix "x" about myself", or "I'd like to get rid of this part of myself". This has given me the impression that many out there feel like there is something wrong or broken about them that needs to be "fixed". I disagree with this way of thinking. 

For one, as I say in the video, you are not "broken". We all have parts of ourselves we'd like to improve; things in which we aren't all that proud. But that doesn't mean we are broken. We all have our work to do and we can make improvements every moment if we commit to make some changes. 

The way I look at it is that our personalities are two-fold. They make up the best parts of us and they are also contain the parts we don't like all that much. Thing is, if we "fixed" or got rid of the bad parts, we'd be throwing out the good along with bad. These things are fused together. They are both a part of us. Our shadow parts aren't something we can completely remove from ourselves. 

It is my opinion that the best way to manage our darker parts is to actually get closer to them; to learn more about them and form a better understanding and relationship with them. This way we can feel and see these parts of ourselves as they start to come out, rather than after they've taken over our reality. 

It starts with a better awareness of our bodies and our energy, and the way to that awareness starts with breath and presence. Learning about our personality helps a lot too. 

If you're interested in finding out a little more about yourself I'd love to help. Feel free to look at my offerings to see if anything resonates.