Genius Scan: Less Using An Actual Scanner!

No matter what you do there will most likely come a point in time where you'll need to scan something.  Whether it be a picture, a document, or some form of identification, the time will come.  Personally I have to scan at least a few things a week but that is just because of my job and I have to tell you there is nothing worse than having to use an actual scanner for this.  In my use they are generally unreliable and a pain to use.  There are just too many steps:   

  • Load your document into the scanner. Scan it
  • Where is the file?  Did the scan go through properly?  This is especially tough at work where the scanners are networked.
  • Find your file, load it into email, and send it.

Might seem like a small amount of steps but for me that is too much.  

Document not lined up? The app can help with that.

Document not lined up? The app can help with that.

How about this for steps?

  • Take a picture of the document using your phones camera.
  • Send the document

This is what Genius Scan does.  It has a lot of other options as well and the paid version has even more.  Sure this wouldn't work for all your scanning needs especially if you wanted to scan a old picture, or something of that nature, but for me it works great.  

The ad supported version of Genius Scan is free:

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