Gmail App for iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to search for an email that was probably a year old.  I tried to use the search feature of mail app on iPhone but the search came up empty.  I knew the email had to be in my account, but for some reason it wasn't coming up.  I remembered that Google had a separate email app you can download and that if I was going to find the email, using the app made by Google would probably be the best way.  

I had tried the Gmail app when it first came out a while ago but it was horrible.  It was slow and extremely buggy and I deleted it pretty quickly.  

This time though I found it to look, and work much better.  I found the email I was looking for in seconds, and the experience was so good that I deleted my Gmail account from the built in iPhone mail app and started using the Google app exclusively for my Gmail account.  

iOS Email App

iOS Email App

Gmail Dedicated App

Gmail Dedicated App

A few reasons why this has been working out really well for me:

  • Since most of my email is done using my work account, I can keep each separate now.  This helps to navigate mailboxes easier as well as stop accidentally sending personal email from my work email address by mistake.

  • I have multiple Gmail accounts and the new app supports fast switching between them.  
  • Thank you for a new email sound!  So refreshing!!!  I really think Apple needs to come up with a few new sounds for email to freshen things up a bit.  I am getting sick of the stock email sound and the other sounds they offer aren't that great.
  • Works great in notification center.  This was a huge problem when I first tried the app.  I would get tons of notifications for just one email.  

  • The Gmail App  flat out looks and works really well.  

Gmail was already the service a LOT of people use for their email, and now Google is getting so much better at mobile software design (where Apple just isn't keeping up these days).

I'm glad I made the switch and if you haven't given it a try, I suggest downloading the Gmail app today.

Gmail app direct download link