Barry McGee


Last weekend at the Boston Intitute of Contemporary Arts I saw one of the best art exhibits I'd seen in a few years.  It was by painter and graffiti artist Barry McGee.  

I can't believe I have never heard of this guy because his work is just amazing.  From graffiti to drawings to patterns to video installations, this guy really impressed me with it all. His graffiti is definitely great and has a lot of character, but it was his use of patterns in his work that I liked most.  I could have stared at this bulged out framed pattern wall for days:


McGee is really into mechanical displays as well.  This wall of figures with mechanical spray painting arms was cool as hell.

He also had a great video installation.  It was run by a ton of DVD players.  Being an A/V nerd, this was art in itself.  

McGee's work will be on display until September 2nd so you have plenty of time to check it out. For more info check out the ICA's website. Also you can check out my Flickr page for more photos. ART!

Another piece from the Barry McGee exhibit at ICA