Coma - In Technicolor

I've been giving the new Coma album In Technicolor a listen.  Let's just say it is alright.  I have been shying away from a lot the electronic stuff lately because it is starting to sound all so similar.  This album starts our sounding very refreshing but doesn't do very much to stand out from the crowd as it progresses.  Still, Coma has been experimenting with doing live sets which I very much appreciate.  There are so many DJ's these days that feel the doing live sets with instruments and samplers is the next evolution in electronic shows.  To really stand out in the crowd of thousands of DJ's you're going to need to step it up.  One of the best live electronic sets I've seen in a while was No Regular Play.  If you have the chance to check out one of their live sets you should definitely jump on that. 

In Technicolor is very mediocre as a whole but has a few great tracks.  Missing Piece is probably my favorite.  The hook got stuck in my head for days when I first listened to the album.

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