Reggae Feature: Eek-A-Mouse

As summer beach weather is finally upon on us, I begin to dust of a genre that just seems to fit summer best: reggae.  Sure I listen to reggae throughout the year but I really blast it when the weather is warm, when you can cruise around town with all your windows open, and of course at the beach.  It just feels right. 


Loving music, I listen to a lot of reggae: Marley of course, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, King Tubby, and more.  But one reggae artist that is up near the top of my favorites is Eek-A-Mouse.   

The reason you don't hear about him much is that his style is extremely polarizing, as in you're either really into him, or you want to stab the radio whenever you hear his voice.   

Eek-A-Mouse is one of the first musicians to be called a "sing-jay"; a particular style where the singer uses the most basic of sounds that don't necessarily mean anything to form the lyrical rhythm of the song.  "Dee dum dum ditty dum dum bitty bung bung bitty bay" is a line you might hear in his tracks, all with soothing dub vibes in the background.  While it might seem childish at times, there is a message in his songs.  

The people that hate him say "he's not doing anything though", and "it all sounds the same".  I have to disagree.  What Eek-A-Mouse does is more original than a lot that is out there today.  Maybe you need to listen in nice weather, maybe on the beach, or maybe you need so spark one up, but I could listen to Eek-A-Mouse at just about any time.  He is just so chill.  Give him a listen below and see if you agree.   

Eek-A-Mouse's entire catalogue (~14 albums) is on Spotify. 

Or if you feel like buying: 

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