Tone of Arc - The Time Was Right

I've said it a few times recently; I've felt a little overloaded by electronic music.  Don't get me wrong I am still very much into it, but sometimes I take a step back from things.  I've said before that for DJ's and electronic musicians to really impress me these days, they need to insert a live element into their tunes.  

Well this album does it, and is one of the least electronic sounding electronic albums I've heard in a while.   

There are so many genres bubbling out of this album.  You've got punk, 80's, a bit of rock, and electronic of course; all with a true live feeling.  It's been my favorite album in a few months and I highly recommend it.  A few favorite tracks:

Track 1 has been on repeat in my car since I got the album.

Chalk Hill is so punk. Love it. Get past the intro before you give up on this song!

Goodbye Horses has a great 80's vibe. Be warned the video is weird as hell.