Is There Any Food or Drink That is *Real* Anymore?

For some reason I actually believed that the "Simply" line of juices was one I could trust.  It seemed like the real deal.  I use these for mixers for most cocktails I make.  It tastes great and just seemed like something I could believe in.  Nope.  As is the case with most products, this line of juices is owned by Coca-Cola and is far from real.  Via The Chigagoist:

The batches from different crops and seasons are separated, based on orange type, sweetness, and acidity. Blend technicians follow Black Book instructions, adding natural flavors and fragrances captured during squeezing back into the juice to make up for the flavor lost in processing.

I joke about "flavor scientists" a lot.  The idea that there are scientists working in a lab to make things taste great but just aren't real.  We can joke about it but it is a real thing and it gets worse every day.  

Is there any juice that is real anymore?  Or do I need to start making my own?

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