AV Technicians are the Smartest Guys in the Room

A great read for all my peeps in the audio visual world (emphasis mine).

But what would you expect of someone who, having supported events ranging from science to politics and concerts to Super Bowls, had worked hand-in-hand with leading authorities in any given field? The AV technician’s learning spans every subject known to man. The knowledge and expertise that is gained by technicians who sit through conference after conference, listening to the greatest minds on any given topic, goes far beyond what can be attained in university. A seasoned AV pro has the ability to collaborate with nearly any expert or on any subject you can think of.

Early in my professional career I spent years as an audio visual technician and can tell you that most of this article is spot on.  I learned many things that spanned many topics, I schmoozed with some big wigs, and learned a lot about dealing with people in general.  A great field if you like technology (but not if you dislike working long hours).  

Read the whole article here.