Thirsty Thursday: The Snow Bird

A well made cocktail is a thing I can really appreciate.  Being a bit allergic to beer, I'm a bit forced towards liquor but I also just love to see what can be done with certain flavors and mixes.  I do my best to stump bartenders when I can (I'll take a Gin Sangaree please) and I'm always not he hunt for something different I might not have tried.

So I'd like to introduce Thirsty Thursdays; a place where I'll feature my favorite libations from time to time.  First up: The Snow Bird.

My girlfriend (who I swear was a bartender in a previous life), came up with this one out of nowhere one day, name included.  It is currently my favorite drink.  



Bourbon - I use Makers Mark here.  

Grapefruit - Squeezing juice from actual grapefruit works best here but you can always use bottled grapefruit juice.  Squeezing grapefruit definitely takes work but the different in taste is noticeable.  You can usually make two Snow Birds out of one grapefruit.

Seltzer - Just a splash to give your cocktail some bubbles.  I recommend Polar if you can get it in your area.

Start with some ice (I prefer large cubes) and add your bourbon (about 1/3).


Next add your grapefruit (a little less that 2/3)


Top off with a splash of seltzer and stir.


Garnish with a grapefruit slice if you like and boom you have yourself a Snow Bird.  Enjoy!