New Emoji Coming in 2014

I probably use more emoji than I should but it is definitely the easiest way to get my point across.  It lets you say how you're feeling in a few presses rather than telling a story in text and sometimes it can be more powerful than words.  

In the 2nd half of 2014 we'll see a lot more emoji to the already large list.  And while it doesn't seem to have a few I've had on my want list for a while, it's progress.

My one fear is that it's going be harder and harder to find the ones I wan't now, and it's already tough.  Here are a few that I want to see.  Check out the whole list at

  • Hot Pepper
  • Weight Lifter
  • Fork and Knife with Plate
  • Camping
  • Beach with Umbrella
  • Hammer and wrench
  • National Park
  • Dagger know
  • Portable Stereo
  • Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended