The Next Big Leap


Last year I took a leap; a big one.

One day in late January I noticed a feeling in my gut, that place that activates when you are uncomfortable, scared, nervous, reluctant, and so many other things. I had no idea where it was coming from. Things were great in my life. Yet after it started, this feeling was with me nearly every day. At first I tried to ignore it and avoid it with work and distractions, but that seemed to make it worse.

Eventually I came to realize that this feeling was in some way my inner self telling me that there was something more I needed to do; something outside of the way I was currently living life. I had no idea what this was! I just had an inner knowing that I needed to start searching.

So that is when I decided to take the leap. I had the thought to leave my job and try to find this next thing that I was supposed to do. I spoke about it with some family and friends, the majority who thought I was crazy to give up a great job and more without something in its place (thank you to those who fully supported me on this from day one!).

Not only did I leave my job, but I took a long trip across the country. The idea was to disconnect from daily life and routines and really dig deep into myself to try to get closer to what it might be that I was supposed to do next. I won’t go into depth here since I wrote blog posts along the way and plan to recap some of the more interesting moments in the future, but suffice to say it was all I could have asked for and more. I learned a lot about myself and received insight on skills I have that I was previously reluctant to admit or explore. I felt great! I had an inner knowing of what was next and some things I could explore. I knew that it was time for me to explore living in a new place. When I returned home from my journey I set all that in motion. I moved across the country ready to dive into all the inspirations that came up when I was away. Then, “reality” hit.

It is funny how easy things sound when you are out on your own for an extended period of time, completely separated from the social influences we experience every day. When you return to the bubble of “reality” things change quite quickly. The ideas I in which I was so confident became uncertain. Doubts crept into my mind as to why these ideas were a waste of time. Money and success issues came up. All of the momentum I had built up in myself came to a screeching halt. A made up so many stories as to why I wasn’t worthy to even talk about my ideas and inspirations. This is what happens under the pressures of the many ways we’re told how we need to live to be a successful human being.

Today I am taking my next leap. I’m walking towards all the fears and doubts rather than away. I am going to start talking more openly about my beliefs and my desire to work more directly with people. I’m going to embrace the signs I’ve been shown that I can be a healer for others. I’ll share things that have helped me heal and better navigate life, and make myself available to anyone interested in finding ways to know more about themselves and live better.

There are so many things I want to discuss! For now here’s a short list of things I plan to go into in more detail as I get started.

  • Body Awareness - Things like yoga are everywhere these days but there are so many ways in which we can better get in touch with our bodies. You don’t have to go to yoga 5 times a week to learn how to connect with your body. You don’t have to be a expert meditator or pranayama breathing master. There are lots of simple ways we can have a better relationship with our bodies which will grow a better relationship with everything else around us.
  • Trauma’s, hangups, and blockages - We all have them. Whether it is from a past experience when we were a child or beliefs and judgements we’ve created over time; we all struggle with these. There is so much to explore here to simply notice when these things inside of us come up in and affect our everyday lives. Rather than run from them or distract ourselves, we can make a better relationship with our issues, understand more, and work through.
  • Energy - The idea that we create, receive, and send energy from our bodies isn’t so new age anymore. Science has confirmed that our bodies generate an energy signature which fluctuates based on a number of circumstances. The way we feel not only affects us, but others as well. Places we visit hold and transfer energy to and from us. I’m super excited to talk about this more.
  • Nature - It has long been said that spending time in nature can be healing. I certainly agree but also believe that you don’t need to take a visit to a national park find appreciation for nature. There are lots of ways you can get better in touch close to home and around your home or apartment.
  • Sexual Relationships - This is a topic which remains taboo in our society and one that often brings up uncomfortable feelings when discussed. Yet feelings around sex are often where we hold most of our self judgements and anxiety. There is much to be discussed about understanding feminine and masculine energies, tuning in with our own desires, and finding balance in relationships.
  • Gratitude - This word has been making the rounds a lot lately and might feel overused to some, but there is so much benefit in working to find love in the things we have, rather than the things that we don’t. We are often taught to find the bad in things rather than the good. Luckily there are simple exercises we can practice that can have a big impact. Another big piece of this puzzle (and a difficult one) is learning to find gratitude in our problems because they only teach us more and make us stronger.

Thanks for reading and listening! I’m excited to finally start talking openly about all this and more. Talk soon.