Perfection in Nature & How it Relates to Our Experiences

One of my biggest areas of interest in relationship to our experiences is nature. We receive so much from the earth and there are so many messages to be uncovered. Tonight I'm talking about the mathematical perfection that can be found in nature and how this can relate to difficult times all of us experience. Take a look at the video for my thoughts and read below for more details. 

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence, also referred to as "the golden ratio" is a mathematical sequence created (or perhaps discovered?) in the 12th century by an Italian mathematician who was not actually named "Fibonacci", which is interesting. I will spare you any attempts to explain the specifics around the sequence. If you'd like some history on the man you can check this link which was comprehensive and if you'd like the most basic explanation of the sequence I recommend this page.  

To me, one of the most interesting things about the sequence is when it is visualized as a ratio which looks like this:


And this is what I talk about in the video in terms of mathematic perfection in nature. This pattern is seen so much in nature, from flower petails, to shells, to tree branches, to vegetables, and even in the human body. Just take a look at a google image search for the fibonacci sequence and you'll see what I mean. 

This is important to me because I see nature on a whole as a wild, often chaotic, constant explosion of life, death, destruction, and creation. Volcanoes, tornados, the ocean; things that we have no control over come to mind. Yet within all that chaos we have this beautiful, near perfect sequence which can be seen in many places if we look close enough. Mathematic perfection found within all that chaos. 

In my opinion this can be compared to situations that come up in our daily lives; things and places where we struggle. While it is not always the easiest thing to find, there is a lesson to be discovered in every situation. There is some small piece of perfection to be found within a dark moment. Something that can help us grow or help others who might be going through something we've already encountered. 

It isn't always easy, but simply asking "what is the lesson here?" and being open to any answer that comes is a great way to invite learning and growth into and situation. It may not come right away but you would be surprised at what the universe delivers when you simply ask. Perhaps you could find your own personal Fibonacci sequence the next time you are open to, and ask for growth. 

For one final great read on the fibonacci sequence I recommend this iO9 article which has some excellent explanations and visual examples.