Been a While

Well hello there.  It's been quite a while since I've even looked at my own website; May 4th to be exact.  All summer and then some.  I felt like I was forcing myself to do blog posts and it just wasn't very fun which is why I took a break.  It is definitely a hard thing to maintain a website and blog in general, let alone when you really aren't sure what is important to you and what you really love.  

Luckily, I've experienced a tremendous change over the last 12 months; change that has affected me deeply in body and mind.  I've had many profound moments of realization and clarity that have helped me work through some struggles as well as let go of some things that were holding me back.  I've got a much renewed sense of purpose and I'm so much more confident in who I am, what I believe in, and what I love.  

With that I'll be overhauling my site and blog over the next few months in hopes that people visiting might actually get an idea of who I am if they find themselves here.  I'll also be making an effort to post more and share thoughts on my experiences and the things I believe in and love.  I'm very much looking forward to it.


Proper Use of the Semicolon

Since I've bee writing a bit more lately, I've often struggled with when to use or not use a semicolon.  Thankfully there are sites like The Oatmeal, which not only explain things well, but make things fun in the process.  

The basic idea is that you can use a semicolon to join two separate statements that could stand as their own sentences, but are related to each other.  

Semicolons rock; they need to be in everyones writing tool belt.  Look I did it!!!

Do yourself a favor and check out the entire post over at The Oatmeal for more uses and examples.