What do you do when you don't know what to listen to?

We all have our favorite ways of listening to music.  

Personally I keep a bunch of tunes on my iPhone where I try to add something new at least once a week to keep things fresh.  When I'm not feeling anything there I'll usually hop onto Soundcloud to see if any of my favorite DJ's or bands have shared anything new.

But if you listen to a lot of music you run into this one problem a lot: what do you do when you aren't feeling like listening to anything from your your sources?  Some people turn on the radio (shudder) some people have SiriusXM, some have podcasts they might load up.

When I want some music quick and nothing I usually listen to is tickling my fancy, I'll hit up Interngalactic.fm.  It's an internet radio station you can listen to on the computer, or through their Android and iPhone apps.  They play non stop commercial free jams all day and night.  And when I run into that problem where I'm not sure what to listen to, they usually have something playing that will get me the musical fix I need.

They have four stations and to be honest I only listen to one, "Classix".  It is a great mix (and diverse) selection of disco, funk, soul, hip hop, 80's, New Wave, and techno where you can hear a ton of great jams and remixes.  Sounds like a lot but this station rarely lets me down.  The other stations all have their own feel and eclectic mix of tunes, but if I am logging on I am always hitting up the Classix and that's where I'm staying. 

I've found a ton of great tracks and albums from this radio station and its a great place to go when you just don't know what to put on.  

Check out Classix on Intergalatic.fm the next time you hit a musical selection roadblock:

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