David August - Times

In the past few months I have tried to take a bit of a step back from electronic music.  To me there has been a feeling that most things coming out lately sound the same or at least too similar.  Music is something that has ebbs and flows and lately the electronic stuff hasn't really been flowing much for me.

Times, a recent release from Berlin DJ and producer David August has pulled me out of the lull a bit.  This album is exactly what I needed.  A big step back from a traditional electronic album, you've got a actual instruments being featured (who would have thought?!).  Sprinkle in some synths, bass, and vocals on a few tracks and you have what amounts to a possible album of the year for me.    

The album is only available for purchase on Beatport right now (ugh) but should be coming to places light Amazon and iTunes soon.  I hate buying things on Beatport.  This album sounded so good that I pulled the trigger anyway, and I think it would be a great purchase for almost anyone.  Here are a few of my favorite tracks:

Buy Times by David August on Beatport