Coming Out Green

Let's just get it on the table.  I consume cannabis.  I consume it almost every day, not just for recreation but for reasons related to health and general well being.  And guess what?  I do this all while being a very functional member of society, both socially and economically.  

This won't be a surprise to people that know me or most people that are socially conscious but I know for a fact there are many people out there like me who don't feel comfortable admitting and speaking freely about it as I am now.  Because even with all the progress and movement in this space over the last few years, there is still a stigma around this "drug".  There are still people influenced by years of false information that people that smoke weed are lazy and can't get work done among so many other backwards beliefs.  

I'm so excited to decriminalization and legalization movements picking up speed throughout our country, especially today in hearing about presidential hopeful Bernie Sander's bill to legalize on the federal level, that I decided it was time to finally get this out there.  I hope that others like me will do the same and push this movement forward even more.  

Now that this is out there, I'm looking forward to sharing a lot more on how I use cannabis each day and how it helps me in many areas of my life from relaxation, to pain management, to how it has decreased my alcohol consumption, how it helps me be more creative, and so very much more.  For now here are a couple bullet points on my beliefs:

  • Cannabis certainly isn't for everybody just like some people shouldn't drink alcohol, take certain prescription drugs, or consume certain foods.  When approached and managed properly though, cannabis can help enrich many people's lives.  
  • If you are a person who doesn't believe in the medicinal value of cannabis, we need to talk.  There are countless scientific studies, cases, and stories from peoples lives that prove otherwise, and the fact that you can go into a store and buy a bottle of alcohol or pack of cigarettes but not a plant that is proven to have medicinal value is absurd.  
  • The money and time wasted policing and imprisoning individuals who use this "drug" is also absurd and we could be spending this time and money on many other, much more important things.   

Again, I've got lots more to say and I'm excited to do so now that this is out there.  I really do hope that we can continue the momentum that is growing each day to make real change and I urge all of you out there in #ComingOutGreen as well.

 If you have questions or comments don't hesitate to reach out to me on social media.  



Marijuana Tasting Tours Are Popping Up In Colorado

In Colorado, one of the most progessive states when it comes to marijuana reform, there are actually places cropping up where you can take "tours" based on sampling high quality strains of locally grown marijuana.  While the linked article pokes fun, I don't think this is too far off from actually happening as laws progress.

welcome to world cannabis week image.jpg

I did a little searching on Google and I very much believe that this could be a money maker.  Based around World Cannabis week, a yearly event in Denver (around you guessed it, April 20th) the tours sound like a souped up trip to Amsterdam where the fun is taken care of, all-inclusive style.

Each of the three packages offered for this particular tour include individuals being picked up at the airport, connecting them with marijuana-friendly motels that are fine with customers consuming on their premises, as well as connecting people with concerts, cannabis samples, etc..

Laugh all you want but people will pay for this.  Just take a look at the site where you can order one of these tours: all are sold out.