Teen Narrowly Escapes Death After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

After days in an induced coma, an MRI reveals Emily suffered several severe strokes, says Bryant.

I knew synthetic marijuana was out there but before reading this story I didn't know how "out there" it was.  I first heard of it when I visited Amsterdam in 2003 as it was readily available there (I did not try it).  But I've certainly heard a lot more about it here in the states over the past year ad it brings a lot of questions to mind for me:

1.  The story indicates this was sold over the counter at a gas station.  How is this allowed?

2.  Why would anyone prefer this over the actual thing?  I am guessing because it is easier to acquire.  

3.  Have there been any cases of this happening with real marijuana?  Methinks not.


This story is pretty freaky.  The girl nearly died.  Doctors thought she would be brain dead.  Luckily she is not a complete vegetable, but she does have significant brain damage.  All from something she bought legally at a gas station convenience store.  

Spice, K2, and potpourri are all names for this stuff.  Essentially it is chemicals, yes CHEMICALS, that are added to a substance that looks like weed, designed to mimic the effects of weed.  People actually buy and smoke this stuff and it is all legal.  Wow.

And yet when someone who is near death, sick enough that they can barely eat, the federal government and most states in US won't allow the person to smoke a little weed to ease their pain and maybe give them some form of an appetite.  

But sure lets sell "Spice" over the counter and as much alcohol and cigarettes as we can.  


Source: CNN