Darren Wilson's Testimony is Unbelievable: Literally

Great article via Vox which brings up the main point that has me and so many others upset; there will be no trial at all:

Which doesn't mean Wilson is a liar. Unbelievable things happen every day. The fact that his story raises more questions than it answers doesn't mean it isn't true.

But the point of a trial would have been to try to answer these questions. We would have either found out if everything we thought we knew about Brown was wrong, or if Wilson's story was flawed in important ways. But now we're not going to get that chance. We're just left with Wilson's unbelievable story.

I agree with the author, that it is possible that things went down this way, but Wilson's whole testimony reeks of straight bullshit.  And then there are doozies like this, where we find that the medical examiner didn't take pictures of Brown's body because his camera was out of batteries.  The guy has one job; to take pictures of crime scenes and bodies, but didn't because his primary tool didn't have batteries.  This whole case reeks of bullshit from start to finish.