Bronwyn in Union Square

If someone asked you what the best German restaurant in the Boston area was, what would you say?  

I think most would default to Jacob Wirth in the Chinatown area but to me that place is more of a pub than a place trying to serve up authentic German cuisine.  And I'm sorry to say, their food is mediocre at best.  If you want true German fare, complete with beer  steins and the Octoberfest atmosphere to boot, you need to stop in at Bronwyn in Union Square.  


I'm not one to give lengthy/wordy reviews so I'll just tell you what I liked and didn't like about Bronwyn.  

The Good:

  • Atmosphere - They really set the mood; I love the look, sound, and feeling of this place.  It almost feels like you've been transported to Central Europe. 

  • Communal seating - I LOVE this idea.  There are two large picnic style tables in the bar area were you can sit if you are by yourself or with a smaller group.  I saw some patrons taken aback by this when the hostess explained it to them. I guess some people just don't like sitting right next to other humans they don't know.

  • The food, good lord the food - I've only been here twice and each time I tried several different things.  Everything was perfect and I don't use that term lightly.  I can't wait to try more.

  • Beverages - While I am not a beer man (allergies -> sad face) they had a great selection of wine and beer but also have a fully stocked bar with bartenders capable of whipping up any cocktail you might desire.

The "Bad":

  • Jam packed - Good for business, bad for you.  Both times I visited it was early evening maybe between 6 and 7pm and the place was full with a list of people in line for tables.  Since I was solo this was no problem but if you think you are walking in here at peak hours and sitting right down, think again.

  • Pricing - While I said the food I tried here was perfect, I don't think it warrants prices as high as they are when considering the portions.  Appetizers alone range from $8-$20 and a small dish of spätzle (enough to be just a small appetizer) while delicious, was $20.  This is why I can't recommend Bronwyn for a full course meal.  I'd recommend coming here for a quick bite and drink from time to time when you aren't starving but the portions are overpriced no matter how good they taste.  I don't think this will stop me from visiting again and trying other things on the menu.  
This is knödel. If you have anything at Bronwyn have this. Untitled

A few more things things to note:

  • They don't take reservations so either get their early or have a plan on what you want to do with your hour+ wait depending on what time you stop in.
  • Don't be intimidated by the menu.  Yes it is in German and you will miss-pronounce everything.  Guess what?  So will most other people that visit along with the servers and bartenders.  This is new to almost everyone.  
  • Please! If you have anything try the Knödel!  Do it; I'm serious.

Bronwyn is located at 255 Washington Street in Union Square Somerville.  It the best German restaurant in the Boston area until someone can show me one better.