Dollar Dollar (Shave Club) Ya'll

If you spend any decent amount of time on the internet or social sites, chances are you've at least heard about Dollar Shave Club.  They've been around a while and came on the scene strong last year with a funny video:

The video is funny but is it all true?  Two months ago I decided to find out.  

They have their pros and cons but I think the biggest question is: can these blades save me the price gouging cost of Gillette Mach 3 razors that I've been buying for years?  Short answer, yes.

I'd say started losing my hair in middle school (not kidding), have been bald for a years, and therefore shaving my head for a while which I'd say gives me some experience in the shaving realm.  For years I had to use a Mach 3 razor from Gillette.  Nothing else was sharp enough to cover shaving my head and last longer than one session (I can usually get two head shaves per razor).  So to be honest I was skeptical about dollar shave club.  But I dove in and got a starter pack selecting "The Executive", a 4 bladed razor from their lineup.

Dollar Shave Club

The idea behind DSC isn't just saving money, but also convenience.  Each month you get an email reminding you that you're about to have another months supply of blades ship to you.  You can cancel this very easily without hassle as well as customize the interval of when you get new blades.  After using Dollar Shave Club for two months now and I'm sold.  It is super convenient for me and I am saving money each month.  Can't go wrong there. 

A few final pros and cons.  


  • Cheap - From $1-$9 for 4-pack depending on the type of blade.  
  • Convenient - Auto re-ordering each month, or not.  It is up to you and it is easy.
  • Quality - These blades are the real deal.  Sharp and durable
  • Unisex - While the site seems geared more towards men, I am sure even the ladies could find a blade that suits them. 


Dollar Shave Club - Handles


  • When rinsing your blade with water, not much drips off the blade and this makes the shave more wet than I am used to with a Mach 3.  Perhaps this is by design but it causes a lot of soapy water to drip down my face when shaving my head.  DSC calls this "flow through" and dubs it as a feature.  Maybe for when you're shaving your face but not so much the head.  
  • Odd handle design  - I assume the DSC handle is designed to help with shaving your face rather than your head (which is my primary use).  It took a while to get the hang of but I would prefer a straight handle.  
Dollar Shave Club - Blades