Deltron 3030: An Album From the Future

I've been on a bit of a hip hop kick lately.  And with that I've been listening to a lot of Del.  When I say Del, I mean Del the Funky Homosapien.  I'd be willing to guess that not many people would know the name off hand, but I'd bet even more that you have heard this rapper from California several times before, most likely on the song Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz.      

What you probably don't know is that old Del has had quite the hip hop career which began in the early 90's and has continued on through today.  I won't get into all of his musical travels, but he's done a ton both in group projects and on his own.  One of my favorite albums he's been a part of is Deltron 3030, a group effort by producer Dan the Automator and Dj Kid Koala, with Del on the lyrics.  

This album reminds me of a novel by Philip K Dick; a fictional author who dreamed up intriguing plots about what our future might be like.  His ideas were years ahead of the time, with several things he thought up actually coming to fruition in todays technology.  Deltron 3030 feels very similar to me.  It was released in the early 2000's and basically tries to dream up what hip hop would sound like in the year 3030.  I think our music in 3030 will be completely different than this but I know what they were trying to do, and I like it.  The combinations of Del's vocal style, Automator's beats, and Koala's cuts always make me feel like I'm in the future when I hear this album, and I love giving it a listen every now and again.  Below are a few of my favorite tracks.

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