Could an Increasingly Common Phrase Be Affecting Us Negatively?

First discussion of the new year and I'm excited to get back into the habit of doing these regularly. For the first time ever I have someone joining me for a talk; my dear friend Paul. In a recent visit with Paul he brought to my attention a phrase that has become quite common for us in everyday speech. It is everywhere. From casual conversation between friends, to deep discussion with our partners and family, to our interactions at work. After he brought this phrase to light for me it has been shocking how much I have caught myself saying it and how often I see others saying it. As we discuss in the video below, it might be possible that this phrase it having a negative effect on us. What is the phrase?

"...I don't know..."

Take a look at the video to hear our thoughts on how this phrase might be affecting us and how we've been trying to change this pattern in ourselves. We're curious if you agree!