Aereo: Live TV Online (Coming to Boston This Week)

Did you know there is high-definition basic cable just floating all around you in the air?  Well there is, and you could pick it up through your TV if you had an antenna like this one.  

Yep there is TV signal floating all around you, especially if live in a larger city.  This is how they did it back in the old days.  Now your TV comes through copper or fiber cabling in the ground, however there is still plenty of it beamed through the air.  

Lately people have been getting a bit fed up with how much they have to pay for cable TV.  It's overpriced and gives you way more channels than you would ever know what to do with.  Therefore people have been "cutting the cord" as they say and just paying for internet and watching only the shows they want.  This makes watching live TV somewhat difficult.

This is where Aereo comes in.  They allow you to watch live TV over the internet for a super low price.  They are still fairly new and are only live in a few cities but are rolling out service to Boston this week.  I'm certainly going to give them a try.  This will allow me to watch live TV for news, some sports, and a few other local stations all for a low price and with DVR.  

Let me be clear, Aereo is not something that will completely replace how you watch cable TV. The number of stations they offer is limited.  But I think this will be a great complement to those who want to, or already not paying for cable TV.  

Aereo isn't without controversy.  Some claim their technology should be illegal and most of the major networks are bringing legal action against the startup.  But they aren't backing down from anyone just yet.  Clearly Aereo must be doing something right because they have the major cable companies scared.  Cable TV has been bullshit for a while now and this is just the type of thing that will fuel change.  I can't wait to give them some of my money.  I'll give them a shot and let you know if Aereo is a valid tool we can use in our cord cutting tool belt.  

Check out Aereo's site.

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Alt-J: Live


I had the chance to check out Alt-J at the Paradise in Boston this weekend.  I was pumped to get the chance because they were playing two shows at this venue, both of which were sold out before I even knew about them.  Thanks for the ticket Greg!

I feel stupid to have only found out about them in January, but these guys have probably been my most played artist in the past few months.  I was curious how they would sound live since the lead singers voice is a bit odd.  It is high pitched and has a crazy range with some intricate harmonies sung by the rest of the band.  The lead singers voice and the harmonies sound amazing on the album but I was curious if it would sound good live.  

They sounded great and if you haven't seen them I would definitely recommend it.  The one complaint I have is that their stage presence was a little less than I would have liked, but again, they sounded awesome.  Here is a snippet of their most popular track at the moment:

Gotta say after seeing them though, that this is my new favorite track: