Monthly Monday Macro - 13

Wow a whole year of Monthly Monday Macros!  That went by fast.  Thanks to everyone who has participated over the past year.  It has been really fun for me and a big driver of traffic to my website.  To thank everyone for their participation I'll be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card along with the regular gift.  

Remember, to make it fair just one guess per person please.  Annnnnd GO! Just what exactly is this???

5.5.14, 8:11pm - Updated with the answer.  It was a gecko foot.  Picture below.  Congrats to Adam on Facebook with the correct (and very quick) guess.  

Monthly Monday Macro 12
Monthly Monday Macro 13 - Answer

Monthly Monday Macro 9

Ok folks you know the drill!  Be the first to guess what the item is in this macro picture and you win a photo from my Flickr collection.  I take guesses on Twitter or Facebook.

One guess per person please!

1.6.13 6:54pm - Updated with the answer

 It was the tip of a dry erase marker! Congrats to Adam of Facebook for the correct guess!