In the United States, We're Getting Screwed On The Internet

Public Service Announcement: You are getting screwed on the internet.  Both in terms of what you pay and how much you get for that amount you pay.  And it's a bummer too because we pretty much invented the internet here in the United States.  We invented the internet, yet all over the world internet access is not only cheaper, but faster and easier to get.  WHY?  

In a nutshell there are barely any regulations and rules on a national level.  Companies like Comcast, Verizon, and time Warner have basically free reign over what they can provide and charge.  In other countries of the world, there are many more providers fighting for your business.  This drives prices down and fuels innovation as each company not only tries to offer the best product with the best features, but also at the lowest price.  


I could do my best to explain in more detail, but I'll let my local NPR affiliate do that for me.  They are better at it anyway.  If you have 30 short minutes, take a listen to the Soundcloud segment below and find out how when it comes to internet service, we are paying more than most of the world for a shittier product, and how it is getting worse every day.   

I don't know what we can do to fix the problem on our own.  We certainly can't boycott these companies because we'd have no internet!  I think this is a case where the government needs to step in.  But I have a hunch the government is making money somewhere here as well.  

For now lets just try to spread the word.  This is wrong and we need a change.