Tech Ready Winter Gloves

Given that we've had 3 snow storms in the span of one week up in the Boston area, I figured it was a great time to talk winter gloves.  Since I am a tech nerd it is important to have gloves that allow me to use my camera and touch screen devices in the bitter cold.  

This past year I've settled on two pair that are perfect for my needs depending on the conditions.  My current favorites and most used are GliderGloves.  These are nice and lightweight so you can easily move your fingers around.  These are perfect all purpose gloves that allow me to use my camera without getting in the way.  And they work great on touch screens.  If it is wet out I would avoid these though as they aren't water resistant at all.

If you're looking for something when old man winter gets really tough I've found The North Face's TNF Apex are the best.  They give extra protection from the cold and wetness.  Their touch screen coverage only includes the pointer finger and thumb, but that is no big deal at all when you need extra protection from the elements.    

Are there different winter gloves that you prefer?  If so I'm all ears.  I'm always looking for the best.