Yahoo Weather App


This is hands down my new favorite weather app (and I am somewhat of a weather app junkie).  It's free, it looks great, and has almost every feature I could want in a weather app.

It is amazing that this is a Yahoo app.  Yahoo used to be my home screen years ago until they simply stopped making things better.  Then Google came out of nowhere and flat out crushed them in services.  Clearly their "new" CEO knows whats up and this is one of the first awesome products I've seen from Yahoo in a long time.  I hope to see more because this app is great.  It should be the built in weather app for iPhone and Android.

Lots of things I like about this app:

  • It displays awesome pictures from Flickr that are based on your location.

  • All your most important info is on one page and very easy to access just by sliding up or down.  I love how they did the maps too.  

  • It has a great display of sunrise and sunset.  Great for photographers!

  • It loads quickly, works smoothly, and is a flat out joy to use.  One of the best designed apps I've seen in a while.  

Now if they could only build in a feature from my now second favorite app Dark Sky, which sends you a notification a few minutes before it is about to rain or snow in your area, then this might just be the perfect weather app.  For now its just a super awesome weather app. 

Yahoo Weather is available for iPhone and Android (FYI no tablet support yet)

Download on iOS  //  Download on Android