One of My Favorite Services/Apps: Timehop

What did you do a year ago today?

These days we document everything in our lives.  We take pictures like crazy, we check in, we take video, and so many things in between.  I love this technological world we live in where we can share what is going on in our own lives and see what is going on for others.  I stay in touch with so many of my good friends this way no matter where they live.  

The problem with all this sharing though, is that it gets lost very quickly.  Ever wonder what you might have posted on Facebook or Twitter a year ago to the day?  Or maybe that great restaurant you might have checked into while on vacation two years ago?  Royal pain in the ass right?  Not anymore.

Must have taken when I returned from my Mexico trip last year.

Must have taken when I returned from my Mexico trip last year.

Enter Timehop, a  service I've been loving lately that plugs into most major social networks and tells you exactly what you posted a year ago on that day.  It gives you other little bits of info like what day of the week it was and the temperature that day.  It even goes beyond just one year as long as you posted that long ago.  Pretty cool.  You can check the iPhone app or the website every day and it will give you a nicely organized list of everything you posted or did that day in years past.

I've been amazed at the things I've seen on my Timehop feed.  Some really great memories that might not have come to mind that easily are all there.  Not only that, I can share re-share the post via Twitter, Facebook, email and several other services.  

You can't search through specific dates meaning you only get an update of what you did on that exact day in years past.  Some might dislike this aspect, but I think it is still an awesome service that surprises me every every day I take a look.  Hell just today I checked Timehop and found a simply glorious pic of my friend Chruce from a mustache party that took place four years ago.  And what a pic it is! 

photo 5.PNG

You can sign up for the service and receive email updates daily at, or you can sign up and receive your updates via their iPhone app which was recently released.