Dioramas and Other Great Art at "The Quarry"

I stopped by an art gallery in Acton, Massachusetts to check out some work by a former college professors over the holiday break and it was an awesome breath of artistic air.  The exhibit by my former professor Tony Flackett of my alma mater Massachusetts College of Art included some of the coolest art I've seen in a while.  He makes video dioramas; small boxes that you look into that show a looping scene.  There were 5 in all and each was abosolutely spectacular.  Here is one of them:


My favorite of the the five is a bit NSFW (thanks to American sensitivity to the human body), if you want to check it out follow this link.

The rest of the art at the location (called "The Quarry") was super cool and unique as well.  Most of it was stone and metal sculptures all located outdoors on some beautiful land.  Even though it was nearly December, we were treated with an amazing 60+ degree day which made it that much easier to see and enjoy.  If you ever find yourself in central Massacusetts on a nice day I highly recommend stopping by this spot! So fun.   

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