We're almost two months through 2014 and I had yet to find an album I could consider a favorite of the year.  That changed this week.  I heard about this album from Detroit based producer Kenny Dixon Jr via Twitter.  While I have read that many of these songs have been previously released (via vinyl) and aren't actually new, it's all new to me and I haven't been able to stop listening since I got it.  

Dixon Jr is listed as a house music DJ on this wiki and while you'll find a lot of electronic tunes on this album there is no shortage of jazz, soul, and funk.  It definitely takes more than one listen of all these tracks to really "get it".  My first listen I didn't really dig it but after the second I was in deep.  

Favorite Tracks:

1.  One of my top tracks on the album is nowhere to be found on Youtube but you can listen on Spotify.  Don't let the slow, somewhat odd sounding start to this track.  It is the most jazzy track on the album and gets nice and upbeat as it progresses.  

2.  I Got Werk

3.  Desire (featuring Jose James)

4.  The 12 minute long P-Funk remake and tribute to Detroit is probably my favorite track on the album.  

Listen and Buy:

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