Make Your Next Event International

Hi I'm Matty and I want to bring your next club night, DJ gig, party, art show, or whatever other type of event you can throw at me, to the masses via live video.  Better yet, I'll be offering these services free of charge for a limited time.  I'm now booking events starting late October.  Contact me to discuss your next event

What You'll Get:

High Quality:

So many live video streams these days use a simple, low quality webcam. Why? Isn't the point of a live stream to not only hear but to see the event as best you can?  Here's what you'll get with my setup:

  • High Definition Cameras - All devices used are a minimum of 720p meaning you'll get a nice crisp image and ZERO wasted space due to letterboxing which is a downside of most low quality webcams.
  • Fast Upload Speeds - Most internet connections don't have very fast upload speeds.  This causes live video to be choppy and pixelated.  Here you'll get nice smooth video and minimal pixelation.

Multiple Cameras:

Most live video streams will have just one camera pointed at the DJ or band.  BORING!!!!  With my setup we can do a minimum of 4 cameras and easily switch between shots as much as we want.  How about some shots like this:

  • A camera focused in on the room and crowd so you can showcase your awesome venue and its patrons.
  • A wireless roving camera that moves through the crowd catching ALL the action.
  • A camera fixed on the ceiling to catch a birds eye view.
  • Closeup of the artist themselves or right in the hands of the DJ watching them do their thing
  • There are tons of possibilities depending on the venue!


Why show just the video of your event?  Why not flash the flyer for you next big booking or your Twitter handle so you can get some more followers?  This is an easy thing to do.  I can show whatever graphics and text you want.  I'll just need them in advance. 

I'm booking events starting late October free of charge for a limited time.  Take a look at my list of requirements and hit me up and lets take your event to the next level!