If you'd like me to live stream your event, I'll need this from you:

  • Power source for one power strip, perhaps two depending on setup.  
  • A stereo RCA connection for your audio (DJ's/Bands etc).

  • A small area for my equipment .  This includes a Macbook Air and a few other small items
  • A idea of where you want to place cameras, keep in mind depending on the setup, some may require tripods to
  • (Optional) It is always a good idea to do a quick walkthrough of the venue to firm up where things such as cameras and equipment will be placed.  While this is not required, it will save time and in the long run (trust me).
  • (Optional) Wireless or wired internet connection.  This is not always necessary as I have a very stable connection depending on location, however it is always good to have an alternate internet connection as a backup source.