Whether or not you believe in the power of the moon or the influence of energies around us, a practice of setting intentions on a regular basis is a very beneficial exercise.  These days it is easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on problems and allowing them to drag us down; thinking of all the reasons we can't do something rather than the reasons we can.    Taking the time to set some intentions and goals every so often can help in creating positive and forward moving energy within yourself which can change your mindset and sometimes, the things that show up in your life.  Here are some helpful tips for setting your intentions.   

  1. A Quiet Setting - You don't need to be an expert meditator to set intentions, but a quiet setting is very important.  A calm place without distractions is key in looking inward and letting your intentions flow.  
  2. It's Already Happening - When setting your intentions it is helpful to speak as though they are already occurring in your life.  Rather than saying "I will get better at listening to others", try to say "I listen to others and have better conversations".  You aren't asking for things to happen, they are already happening.  :)  
  3. Try to Avoid Negative or Fear Based Intentions - Setting an intention asking to avoid a particular outcome such as "I find someone for a relationship so I don't have to be alone." only invites negative thoughts and energies.  Do your best to only include the positive.  
  4. Simple and Short Term, Revisit Often - It is a helpful practice to set goals for short term.  Our lives are constantly changing and evolving and so are our goals and intentions.  Keeping things short term allows us to revisit, see what is and is not serving us, and alter accordingly.  
  5. Write it Down, Say it Out Loud - Using a journal (physical or digital) is a great way to make your intentions more real and present.  Write them down on a paper so you can keep them with you and review any time.  Speak them out loud and visualize the outcome taking place to bring them further into reality.  
  6. Feel into Your Intentions - When you review your intentions, what comes up in your body?  Do you feel a sense of excitement, relief, or joy?  Listen in and try to feel these things.  This will help your intention practice and overall well being.