Yoga Practice & Experience

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When Matty took his first yoga class in 2012, he had no idea the journey he was about to embark upon.  It is a journey that continues with each day, bringing new understanding and learning along with a sense of continuous evolution.  Yoga helped change not only Matty's diet and health, but his mindset which invited new healing tools such as pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness.  In this growth, Matty has deeply connected with his own physical and spiritual body which has helped him better receive and understand external energies.  

Since completing 200hr teacher training in 2015, Matty has continued to explore while teaching.  Matty teaches from a foundation of vinyasa and believes that variation, modification, and exploration are crucial to a meaningful yoga practice.  In his classes you can expect a creative flow that includes focus on breathing, twists, balancing, and mindful transitions.  No two classes are ever the same and along with the asana practice students will also find an integration of the following items, which Matty believes aids in new discoveries between the physical, emotional, and spiritual body:

  • Pranayama breathing
  • Bandhas and mantras
  • Non traditional yoga poses & movements
  • Spontaneous movement / tai chi
  • Chakras and poses that focus on and open them
  • Balance of divine feminine and masculine energies
  • Earth connection
  • Self love / non-judgement / kindness
  • Gratitude