Alt-J: Live


I had the chance to check out Alt-J at the Paradise in Boston this weekend.  I was pumped to get the chance because they were playing two shows at this venue, both of which were sold out before I even knew about them.  Thanks for the ticket Greg!

I feel stupid to have only found out about them in January, but these guys have probably been my most played artist in the past few months.  I was curious how they would sound live since the lead singers voice is a bit odd.  It is high pitched and has a crazy range with some intricate harmonies sung by the rest of the band.  The lead singers voice and the harmonies sound amazing on the album but I was curious if it would sound good live.  

They sounded great and if you haven't seen them I would definitely recommend it.  The one complaint I have is that their stage presence was a little less than I would have liked, but again, they sounded awesome.  Here is a snippet of their most popular track at the moment:

Gotta say after seeing them though, that this is my new favorite track: