Hey 2018!


Hey everyone! Wow it is 2018! I am out of my end of year cave I usually find myself in during the holiday season in taking some self care, relaxing, and reflecting on the year past. Along with that we had the fires and recent mudslides in my area which has given me a whole new perspective on many things. 

There has been lots of destruction in the place that I've called home for the past year. The fires tore through much of the mountains around the area. I went to one of my favorite spots to pick some sage and the bush I usually harvest from was completely destroyed, not from the fire but from a bulldozer, most likely going through the trail to fight the fire on the mountainside. 


However in the very same area I saw another sage plant that I had somehow never seen before which was thriving and abundant. There is so much that we somehow don't see simply because our attention is focused elsewhere. Gratitude for this thought and for this gift of sage from the earth.


I've been putting my attention and intention towards some new things for the year. I'm looking forward to the year ahead and all the growth to come with it, and I'm also looking forward to doing more sharing here. See you soon.