The Next Big Leap

Last year I took a big leap and made some major changes in my life. I left my job, moved away from the place I have lived for most of my life in search of some answers on what to do next. I have a lot of thoughts on my direction but have been reluctant to talk about it all. I'm finally going against my doubts, taking the next leap, and starting to talk about how we can heal ourselves of daily troubles and live better lives. Read on for more...

Been a While!

It's been a few months! I'm enjoying getting settled into my new home in California, reflecting on months past, and looking ahead to new things.  

The Days Ahead: Suggestions On How to Help & Create Positive Change In Difficult Times

It's been a while since I've posted on the personal blog.  A lot has happened since my cross country journey came to a close and whileI still plan to to tell one final tale about it all but that story will have to wait a little longer.  Since the election last November so many of our country's problems has been brought to more light.  People are scared and don't have a lot of hope in the uncertainty of what is to come.   I've had some strong feeling about this and decided to share some suggestions on how we might be able to make change and look at the uncertaintly with a little more hope...

Updates from the Road - Day 77 - Reflections of the Southwest

Ah the Southwest!  This area has turned out to be one of the my most favorite regions of the journey.  There is so much to love.  The culture, the climate, the landscapes, beautiful open areas, and the pungent smell of sage almost everywhere you go.  As my journey begins to wind down I'll begin to reflect upon all of the many things I've experienced in the past three months.  Click through for for some magic in between the magic.

Updates from the Road - Day 70 - Utah Extravaganza

A final day in Grand Canyon, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and a whirlwind tour of five Utah National Parks in just two days.  I tell you that Arizona and Utah should be called "The land of canyons".  Utah alone I could have explored for a few weeks itself.  Maybe another time.  Click on through for a shorter update with more pictures that usual.  

Updates from the Road - Day 63 - Havasupai and Grand Canyon

The universe continues to produce.  I've had some magical moments this week.  I saw a psychic, took a risk, asked questions, and it all paid off.  Letting go works.  Doing things outside your comfort zone works.  Oh right, and the GRAND CANYON!  Click on through for the full story.