Question: Where Are You Stuck?

We ALL get stuck and there are so many things in life that can contribute to feeling down and disconnected. Curious where it is you feel most stuck. Plus, an overview of the healing work I'm offering and how it can create motion where you are feeling blocked (and a lot more). I'm offering some 1:1 exchange based sessions and am planning some group sessions as well. Feel free to use the contact link on my page if you have any questions or are curious about booking a session.

Serious Question: What is your Happy Place?

Funny but serious question: What is your happy place? Cultivating this space, no matter what it is, can help us when we're feeling anger, anxiety, and so much more starting to come up. Do you have one? If not what would it be? Feel free to share on FB or Instagram.

The Next Big Leap

Last year I took a big leap and made some major changes in my life. I left my job, moved away from the place I have lived for most of my life in search of some answers on what to do next. I have a lot of thoughts on my direction but have been reluctant to talk about it all. I'm finally going against my doubts, taking the next leap, and starting to talk about how we can heal ourselves of daily troubles and live better lives. Read on for more...