If You Could "Fix" One Part of Your Personality, What Would it Be?

As I've started to work with people and ask questions, I've begun to notice a trend. When I ask people what they would like to work on or where they might be struggling, I've been getting answers along the lines of "I'd like to fix "x" about myself", or "I'd like to get rid of this part of myself". This has given me the impression that many out there feel like there is something wrong or broken about them that needs to be "fixed". I disagree with this way of thinking. 

For one, as I say in the video, you are not "broken". We all have parts of ourselves we'd like to improve; things in which we aren't all that proud. But that doesn't mean we are broken. We all have our work to do and we can make improvements every moment if we commit to make some changes. 

The way I look at it is that our personalities are two-fold. They make up the best parts of us and they are also contain the parts we don't like all that much. Thing is, if we "fixed" or got rid of the bad parts, we'd be throwing out the good along with bad. These things are fused together. They are both a part of us. Our shadow parts aren't something we can completely remove from ourselves. 

It is my opinion that the best way to manage our darker parts is to actually get closer to them; to learn more about them and form a better understanding and relationship with them. This way we can feel and see these parts of ourselves as they start to come out, rather than after they've taken over our reality. 

It starts with a better awareness of our bodies and our energy, and the way to that awareness starts with breath and presence. Learning about our personality helps a lot too. 

If you're interested in finding out a little more about yourself I'd love to help. Feel free to look at my offerings to see if anything resonates.