Is Vine the Instagram of Video?

Short answer: No I don't think so.  

Vine, the social media app that allows you to record video clips that last only 6 seconds has been called a lot of things, and I really have to argue with the "Instagram of video" moniker.  At least up until this point.

Video is hard. It's hard to make it easy to record, and it is harder still to make it easy for people to see.  Socialcam tried and failed. They allowed you to upload videos of any length.  But who wants to see someone babble on via video for lengths at a time?  That is what Youtube is for.  

Yes Vine is cool and it launched with a lot of fanfare but I think the hype has died a lot since.  Perhaps now that is has launched on Android it will get a bit of a boost but in it's current state I just don't see it going as far as Instagram, which was bought by Facebook for a cool one billion dollars.  Here's why:

  • You can't load a prerecorded video - You must record your Vine right there on the spot.  When I ask people what is the one thing that would make Vine better this is what people say.  Not sure why it isn't an option as similar apps already allow this functionality.

  • No rewinding.  Screw up while making your video and you have to completely start over.  This is difficult for a lot of people.  Especially people like me who obsess over the smallest detail.  

  • No signal, no Vine  - Just like Instagram, if you have no service you can't upload your video.  And if you can't upload it your video could be lost if the app crashes or if your phone restarts.  if you did a stop motion video that took you an 20 minutes to make and you lost it how pissed would you be?

This does not mean I think Vine is useless.  I like it a lot and am trying to find ways to use it more.  I feel it could be a small genre of art in itself but it will take time to get there.  Perhaps if the app adds more features it could help move things along.  

 Right now what I see that seems to work best is comedians using Vine to do short bursts of funny.  There are also some people doing getting really creative with things.  Here are a few of my favorite recent Vines and some people who are a good follow if you use the app. If you're watching on the web be sure to unmute so you get the audio.

Chris Delia has some pretty funny stuff:

Will Sasso of MadTV fame is pretty good. He has this weird running bit with lemons as well as Hulk Hogan.

You can always count on Jake Lodwick for interesting stuff.

Download Vine:

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